Eezyflow® sleeping collar - In case of social snoring
With freer airways, you can reduce/end snoring

Eezyflow has an airy feeling, it’s adjustable in height and is designed to suit your physiology, it’s also soft and springy and it relieves pressure. The sound of snoring is reduced/eliminated to varying degrees depending on your anatomy, weight, lifestyle, age and how long you’ve been snoring for. 

Nose breathing: The nose purifies, humifies and regulates the temperature of inhaled air. This improves oxygenation and you sleep better.

Social snoring: Snoring without a pause in breathing (respiratory arrest) or less than five respiratory arrests (apnoea) per hour of sleep. Social snoring can gradually develop into sleep apnoea syndrome which is classified as a disease and needs to be treated.

Advice for self-care - Sleep experts believe that it’s good sometimes to try out various methods at the same time to achieve the best results. Click here to see what the professionals recommend> 


The story of Eezyflow

I’ve lived with snorers since I was 10 years old. The sound level was unbearable sometimes. This contributed to frustration and a lot of nights spent sleeping on sofas, in the kids’ rooms and sometimes I even slept outside when we were in the archipelago ... Read more >             



Instructional video - How to put the collar on

It’s very important how you put the sleeping collar on, and that you keep your hands the right way. Instructions are also available under the user manual tab. Read more >